My Top 100 Favorite Movies — 11. Catching Fire

I just wanted to say that I didn’t know Thresh, I only spoke to him once. He could have killed me, but instead he showed me mercy. That’s a debt I’ll never be able to repay. I did know Rue. She wasn’t just my ally, she was my friend. I see her in the flowers that grow in the meadow by my house. I hear her in the Mockingjay song. I see her in my sister Prim. She was too young, too gentle and I couldn’t save her. I’m sorry.”

"I wake up. Usually, I take a pee pee… I eat a banana… then I poop."

Rowling wrote Hermione to eschew stereotypes. She doesn’t end up with the hero; she is never there to function as Harry’s love interest. She prefers Arithmancy to Divination in school. Hermione is also a total badass, despite her prim and proper reputation. (…) So often, female characters are allowed to be aggressive or rebellious, but in exchange are stripped of any traditionally feminine qualities and instead are forced to pick up traditionally masculine traits. However, Hermione is never made to do that. Most notably, she is written to be highly logical AND emotionally expressive, a combination not commonly afforded to most of today’s leading ladies. —Liz Feuerbach, The Women of The Harry Potter Universe (via writingadvice)


Assistant Director Janson - a.k.a. Rat-man

Thought I’d make some fan art of Aidan Gillen as Ratman. Might do this with every new cast member for The Scorch Trials. :P

Stephen Chbosky to write, teen angst-ify Disney’s live-action Beauty And The Beast | The Dissolve


the legacy of helga hufflepuff



Get to know me meme | [1/5] female characters: Sansa Stark

Dude, my jeep.

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